Photovoltaic installation

Building Characteristics

Building type

Type of ownership


Age Class

Cost Benefit Indicators

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Embedded Technologies


• External insulation of facade
• Internal insulation of facade


• New space heating system


• Photovoltaic

Energy management

• Smart Meters

Technology readiness

actual system proven in operational environment (with competitive manufacturing)


The solutions consists in the installation of photovoltaic (PV) panels on the building roof or on the façade. This installation can be of several types:

  • Roof-mounted PV installation
  • Building-integrated PV:
    • on the roof (replacing tiles or skylights)
    • integrated to the façade (warm or cold facades)
    • integrated to the balconies
  • Sun-shading elements (e.g. sunscreen, semi-transparent shading for patios or rooftop gardens)

Design and implementation


  • Modular, large variety of applicable capacities
  • On-site generation possibilities
  • A large variety of possible applications
  • Relatively small spatial variations of resource
  • Incentives, in majority of cases


  • Intensity, in terms of full working hours
  • Seasonal dependence, variability, time profile of expected energy production
  • Complicated procedure regarding the legal framework


  • Cost reduction and grid parity
  • Development of smart grid and electric vehicles
  • Electrification of remote and off -grid areas


  • Shortage of main raw material – increase of cost
  • Unstable, excessive market
  • Legal barriers – quantity based incentive schemes, legislative issues


Saint Denis, France

A photovoltaic curtain wall was implemented in June 2015 to retrofit the South facade of a collective building (total surface of the façade: 400m² – 38m x 11m). 250m² of PV panels have been installed, with an aluminium structural frame. The characteristics of the PV installation are the following:

  • Nominal power: 23 520 Wp
  • Generated energy: around 17 000 kWh/an
  • Total cost (including studies, installation, commissioning) : 260 000 € HT