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Enhanced Energy Performance Contracting

The Enhanced Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) model, proposed by NOVICE project, consists to generate revenues from Energy Savings, as in the classic EPC model, but also to generate revenues from Demand Response Services.

Demand response is a way of shifting or reducing electricity usage during peak periods. Indeed, when electricity demand exceeds supply on the grid, clients’ electrical asset consumption can be adjusted by using aggregator technology. Thanks to this shift, power returns to the grid and the supply and demand balance is restored in a cost effective and green way. Also, the clients earn revenues simply for participating and being available.

In the Enhanced EPC model, the ESCOs remain the single point of contact for all measures but uses the services of a demand response aggregator to provide services to the grid. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) governs the relationship between ESCO and Aggregator.

Market readiness for Enhanced EPC is varying across European countries. Some of them, like France or UK, have well developed or growing ESCO markets and several open DR markets with regulation that encourages aggregators to participate. Other countries (Belgium, Germany, Finland…) have either an advanced ESCO or an open DR market but strict regulations that limit the ability of aggregators to participate. Finally, some EU countries like Italy or Spain have immature ESCO and closed DR markets (or do not legally allow aggregation).

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Torrelago district

The renovation of Torrelago district was implemented in the framework of the FP7 funded CITyFiED project ( .

Torrelago district involves 31 private multi-property residential buildings (1488 dwellings) that were constructed in the 1970s–1980s, more than 140,000 m2 and 4000residents involved. Former conditions of the district were very low in terms of efficiency, comfort and costs, which fostered the intervention. Main energy measures implemented at the building scale are buildings external insulation (Composite System-ETICS, ventilated façade), connection to district heating (twelve new heat exchange substations at building level), individual metering to raise users’ awareness.

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BRESAER – Breakthrough solutions for adaptable envelopes in building refurbishment

BRESAER developed an innovative, cost-effective, adaptable and industrialized “envelope system” for buildings refurbishment.

The whole system corresponds to turnkey retrofitting solution that is active, modular, customizable and adaptable to any building and climate from a portfolio of BRESAER components. The BRESAER’s envelope (for façades and roofs) includes a combination of active and passive pre-fabricated solutions which can be integrated in a versatile lightweight structural mesh for reducing drastically the primary energy and the Greenhouse emissions while improving indoor environment quality (IEQ).


With the BRESAER system, the whole building can be governed by a cutting-edge Building Energy Management System (BEMS) , which manage all the different envelope functions, the energy facilities of the building and monitor the energy generated by the BRESAER system.

The integrated system cannot be determined ex ante as there is several solutions depending on local conditions and engineering expertise.


BREASER constructive system is based on a lightweight structural mesh where there are placed passive and active components. This mesh is made from metallic profiles to achieve a standardized constructive system easily to assembly and configurable. The technological components are fixed to the BRESAER profiles with a common solution to achieve a real standardized system allowing very easy and fast installation and also removal in case of maintenance or replacement.


Several extra-characteristics can be assigned to the whole solution:

  • Easy assembly and disassembly to reduce on-site work and maintenance. The claddings can be interchanged and upgraded easily during the building life.
  • Adaptable to a wide range of buildings and climate, even buildings with specific features thanks to the adjustable dimensions of the panels (a photogrammetry is required to adjust the dimensions).
  • Aesthetical advantage: any kind of design can be addressed.
  • Industrialised solution to reduce costs.
  • User-centred and user-friendly.
Active and passive pre-fabricated solutions integrated into a versatile lightweight structural mesh. (©BRESAER)

The ventilated facade system is a commercial product similar to many existing systems but with a polymer concrete panel that offers high resistance and an option of finishes (©ULMA)




Example of the integrated solution including (1) multifunctional and multilayer insulation panels, (2) solar thermal air envelope, (3) multifunctional lightweight ventilated façade modules and (4) dynamic automated windows (©BRESAER)


Interaction of the Bulding Energy Management System with building facilitie ©CARTIF


A few images of the flowsheet generated by the BRESAER design tool (mounting of Multifunctional insulation panels and ventilated façade modules) ©TNO

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