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Torrelago district

The renovation of Torrelago district was implemented in the framework of the FP7 funded CITyFiED project ( .

Torrelago district involves 31 private multi-property residential buildings (1488 dwellings) that were constructed in the 1970s–1980s, more than 140,000 m2 and 4000residents involved. Former conditions of the district were very low in terms of efficiency, comfort and costs, which fostered the intervention. Main energy measures implemented at the building scale are buildings external insulation (Composite System-ETICS, ventilated façade), connection to district heating (twelve new heat exchange substations at building level), individual metering to raise users’ awareness.

Cost Benefit Indicators

Total Cost

118 €/m²

Payback period

0 year

Rate of return

0 %

Energy Saving

0 %

Net Present Value

0 €/m²